Flexion Distraction table

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 The disc can heal in the appropriate environment. It is our job to help create that environment so you can regain your health. We not only focus on the location of the problem, but we also treat from the feet up. Your feet and everything above contributes to the forces that translate through the disc during walking. Our everyday steps add up quickly and when the system doesn’t dampen the forces correctly, it shows as tight and tender muscles that overtime cause injury. Taking the stress of the disc will help allow it to heal appropriately.

The Effects of Flexion Distraction:

  • posterior disc space increases in height
  • decrease disc protrusion and reduces stenosis 
  • stretches the ligamentum flavum to reduce stenosis
  • opens the vertebral canal anywhere from 2 mm to 6 mm 
  • increases metabolite transport into the disc
  • opens the apophyseal  joints and reduces posterior disc stress

Pain Relieving effects of the flexion distraction table
Flexion Distraction Table

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