Aqua Thermassage


The Aqua Thermassage is a heated, dry hydrotherapy unit that contains 5 rotating hydro jets strategically placed from the cervical spine to the sacrum. The patient lies, clothed and dry, upon a water-filled full-body length tank covered by a 30 Mil vinyl barrier. As the patient floats upon the table, pressurized water is pumped to the 5 jets producing a vigorous, rotating hydro massage. The combination of flotation, heat, and massage induce a state of total relaxation that has to be experienced to believe. 

  A 10 to 15-minute session on our table reduces muscle spasm and helps lower stress levels in patients. The level of relaxation induced by using The Aqua Thermassage is perfect for pre-chiropractic treatment use. Most patients are more compliant and easier to adjust after using The Aqua Thermassage. 

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